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Kinder Toy Project 2


Porcelain Parian Slip

Slip Casting

Electric Firing


Egg, 2 parts

Ø 4.7'' 12 cm

H 7.4'' 19 cm



Ø 2.2'' 5.7 cm

H 4.7'' 12 cm


Spoon - Drinking Straw

3.9'' 10 cm



Porcelain, Wood

Ø 11'' 28 cm

H 0.7'' 2 cm



Chocolate Casting

3.1'' 8 cm

This is another personal interpretation of the famous Kinder Toy chocolate egg. For thousands of years, the cocoa bean was an exotic and exclusive fruit, part of the local traditions and rituals of the Maya peoples. Two hundred years ago, the Europeans discovered the desired fruit and turned it into chocolate. Nowadays, 70% of the world's cocoa beans come from West Africa, harvested and processed by children.

My functional dessert set designed for enjoying the chocolate and drinking cocoa, and at the same time dealing with the social issues and the cultural aspects of the dessert. The components of this set:  the dark chocolate childish head (my self-portrait), the doubled wall porcelain creamer for drinking the hot cocoa, the spoon and the porcelain egg – bring up questions about the aspect of the surprise and its meaning.

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