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I Tell / Tell Me


Materials and Techniques:

Stoneware, porcelain, Parian Slip, Terra-cotta, engobe, glaze, luster, silver plating, prints

Jarre-a-la-corde technique, wheel throwing, 3D modeling, slip casting, pressing molds

Reduction and oxidation firings

The project is based upon the Middle Eastern archeological "Tell", which an artificial mound created from layers of ancient settlements located on the same place. Archeological excavations inspired me to "dig in" myself in order to form my own "Tell". The project demonstrates the definition of the "layers". I do not mean to imply physical layers necessarily - not layers of colors or clay, not layers of ceramic pieces, but layers of components that assemble my personality, my character, my identity, my body.

Forming my personal archeology might be a great chance to realize these ideas, within the concepts and the perceptions I have mentioned above. It is a chance to "tell" the story of my own sphere, the circles around me and synthesize it occasionally with the viewers' spheres.

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