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I Neo Habitat series 

The Neo Habitat series offers an alternative imaginary habitat of flora and fauna. In a reductive design process, animals are converted into sculptural ceramic objects, that function as an intellectual trigger for the viewer to activate the space and simulate an alternative Habitat. The surface is coated with a layer of formulated luster made with precious metals, which appears as reflective-iridescent luster after the firing in the kiln. The quality of the glaze is reflecting aesthetics from antiquity and a visionary environment from the future at the very same time.


The Neo Habitat series comprises a limited edition of 300 hand-painted porcelain figurines, collaboratively created with Tai-Hwa-Yao, a leading porcelain manufacturer in Taiwan which is known for its supreme-quality porcelain and artistic pottery production. Referring to my large-scale abstract ceramics, I’ve designed three different prototypes, imaginably resemble a bunny, a cat and a dog. Following several tests and some modifications, the factory produced the plaster molds and collaboratively formulated the glazes according my design preferences. Quickly but professionally, the skillful production team casted and fired 300 porcelain figurines, beautifully glazed in five different vivid colors. Using 24k gold luster solution, I carefully hand decorated the glazed surfaces of the figurines, in various playful and unique patterns. 


For over four months in making, I was privileged to work along skilled painters and ceramicists, learning and practicing traditional painting and decorating techniques. This project became a reality with the kind support and help of many individuals. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of them, and especially to Mr. Lu, the factory owner, and to Jessica Chen of the Tai-Hwa marketing division. I’m humbled and grateful for the opportunity to work with you all.​

The Neo Habitat series will be launched in Spring 2023 globally: at the “Fresh Paint” exhibition in Tel Aviv, at the Yossi Milo Gallery of Manhattan, New York, in an exhibition in Europe and at the Tai-Hwa-Yao flagship stores across Taiwan.  

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